Perfect for diving into 2010

It took me a long time to decide on the name for this blog. I was going with "Style and Think" for a while, but it seemed too impersonal. "The Philosophical Stylist" and variations seemed too stuffy, not to mention pretentious!

Finally, I decided to stick with "Kalonity," a name that has served me well for years on the internet. I came up with the term back in the beginning of high school, when I used to be super into looking up word etymologies (haha I was a nerd but it's not like anything's changed), and discovered that "kalon" was an obscure term meaning "inner beauty."

Ever since, I have stood by that principle. Every year, I am beginning to understand it more and more. The old sayings are completely true- what is gorgeous on the outside needs to be sustained by the inside!

So consider this my cheesy obligatory introduction post, and welcome to the blog. I can't promise yet what the content will bring, but rest assured there will be plenty of aesthetics and philosophy. Open entirely to an unpredictable evolution, of course.



Emily said...

Tessa! I'm very excited to read this :)

Tee said...

Thanks for the support, Emily! Hope you have a happy New Year's!