Resolutions and ideas

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Words of wisdom from all over the blogosphere have been inspiring me as I make my list. Hopefully I can recriprocate by sharing some resources and my thoughts on the new year!

My personal resolutions are as follows:

1) Focus on "making things happen" instead of "getting stuff done."
2) Pick up my yoga practice.
3) Believe in myself more/ worry less about other people.
4) Constantly find more effective ways of thinking.
5) Develop (and love, and nurture, and update regularly) this blog!

The quoted parts in number 1 come directly from page 68 of this awesome e-book! "What Matters Now" is an incredibly simple but innovative packet of inspiration for anyone with dreams and aspirations. You can use it to get ahead on your new goals.

Number 4 is something that I've been thinking about (ha, ha) for much of this year, and that I intend to take to the next level in 2010! Every intellectually-curious, philosophically-minded person has heard the phrase "You think too much." Many of us have probably said it to ourselves, wishing we could stop! Well, I came to the conclusion eventually that the answer isn't to stop thinking, it's to think better. In other words, you might spend an entire day worrying about a situation, instead of problem-solving your way out of it. Or maybe your thoughts tend towards the negative, when they would in fact be so much more effective if you just tweaked them a bit! This aptly brings me to an article focused on exactly that, entitled How To Think Better. It by no means covers all your bases- you'll have to do the rest yourself, as best befits your life- but I think it's a divine place to start. And now I know I'm in good company for thinking all these crazy thoughts about thinking. How about you, what do you think? ;)

If you're looking for some new blogs to inspire you in the new year, the above source, The Positivity Blog, is a great place to start. I also adore Gala Darling, who has been an invaluable muse as I've been delving into my life and work this year.

I've also been receiving daily Notes from the Universe for about a year now, and I must say they are a fabulous way to start your day, if you're a check-your-email-every-morning kind of person like me!

Personally, I'm still waiting to see what words Neil Gaiman will issue this year...though even if he repeats himself I think they are worth savoring! That's a wise man.

Now that the self-actualization (I prefer this term to "self-improvement") process is addressed, stay tuned for a less traditional NYE post!



Anna said...

hi tee!
I am your siser! I read what you wrote. It was very good. I am happy.When you leave I am going to be sad but still post notes on your blog.:)


lissymissy said...

Big fan of Gala Darling and have been receiving the TUT notes for a while and it sometimes is eerily accurate!

Good luck for 2010, and totes heart your blog!!