Excerpts from le sketchbook

Updating my portfolio today... thought I'd put up a little bit of what I've been working on! They're not meant to be fully-realized or anatomically perfect, just a way to get my thoughts out.

It's all ink and pencil on paper :)


"To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else."
-Emily Dickinson

Sometimes the days all wrap together and it seems like I'm always trying to play catch-up with my to-do list. I become, as a friend put it, like a product of my environment.

When that happens, it can be wonderful to take a step back and breathe, enjoy being in the present moment. Dickinson's quote, above, is one of my favorites. Would that we could always live like that, ready to be startled at any moment.



Rose said...

pretty! me <3

Nikkee said...

Those are gorgeous sketches; you should post more of them! I love seeing designers' sketches, it's like being allowed to see the behind-the-scenes stuff of a movie!

stacey kelly said...

this sketches are so beautiful, i wish i could draw as well as you. seriously, amazing.


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