New beginnings

"...the air tastes of clean things, cold and fresh and newly cut open."

Cassandra Claire, from her fanfiction "A Season In Hell" (which is not altogether an uplifting story, but the writing imparts so much beauty and possibility that I thought it fitting.)

What an amazing decade we have in front of us. To think, this millennium is in its TEENS. I hope that means every bit will live up to its implications of originality, growth, maybe even a dash of rebellion!

My 2010 planning notebook & red rooibos tea in a handpainted mug!

Anyway, this post inspired the above photo. Since its capturing, the page has filled with intentions ranging from sketching for an upcoming design contest to organization to uploading a stack of old CD's onto my iTunes. Mozart, Duke Ellington, Diana Krall, Jeff Buckley, Chinese pop group S.H.E... I like my playlists to be a kaleidoscope of genres!

What exciting things are on your to-do list for the new year? What ideas are you cutting open, what aspirations are you letting into the open air?



Shopgirl said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog :) And for the shout out!

Love the pic! :)

And the blog - keep up the good work - I'll be back for sure,


Plunk! said...

Tessa! So glad you're getting back into the blogging business :-) Love reading your stuff!

My plans for 2010 - move toward self-sufficiency! I'm buying my OWN car this weekend with my OWN hard earned money. My first step towards not relying on my mother to help :-)

Tee said...

Self-sufficiency is an amazing goal. Congrats on finally getting the car!!

Hopefully I'll get to stop by the stables sometime this summer, and maybe learn to trot? I've been thinking about riding lately :)

Billy said...

Love that you stopped by my blog!

Your blog is so lovely and optimistic. I am such a fan.


Tina Chai said...
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Tina Chai said...

Nice blog. This is the first time I'm really reading it since Anna recently showed it to me. It's really cool. Love everything. Also, at your new years party I saw your cup at the kitchen table and actually very closely examined it, I really like the little animal in it. Ha ha. :) Oh, and since your Tee, who is Rin?

Tee said...

Thanks Billy! The sentiment is very much returned.

And Tina- thanks, I'm glad you could stop by! Rin is one of my close friends. Her full name is Catherine :)