That feeling

Whatever you want to call it- wonder, euphoria, or just the thrilling comprehension of possibility. For me, it is the closest feeling in the world. It's like the whole world sharpening around the edges, a photo coming into focus, human existence coming to a single point.

For me, these things (among a few others) trigger possibility. A possibility of being at once human and divine.

The way cats just know how to wait. And observe. And be, in supreme calmness.

"He doesn't want to rule the universe. He wants the universe to rule itself!" -The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Finding an old Wordpad document that simply reads: "The defense rests."

The poem when it comes out of your throat.
Especially when you haven't said a word.

That instant when seemingly unconnected thoughts suddenly converge. When the world hasn't exploded, or even moved perceptibly, but internally it is like lightning.

...Anything Regina Spektor, Nada Surf, or Andrew McMahon have ever breathed into reality. They're all songwriters, but one of these days I'll write about the books that have changed my life.


Dear Readers,

What makes you weak in the knees? Or fall to your knees?
Tell me about what makes you feel the most alive.



Plunk! said...

Things that make me weak at the knees.

Folk music from the '70s. Anything Carole King or Joan Baez, Fleetwood Mac. I love them all.

The sound of water rushing over rocks. There's a spot on campus where the sound gets reflected off of a lamp just right... it sounds like the water is crashing over my head.

That feeling of complete freedom as I soar over a fence atop of a noble steed :-)

Waking up next to someone, sighing, and realizing that there is nothing else in this world you should be doing. Rolling back over and going back to sleep.


Tee said...

Thank you for sharing! That spot where the water rushes perfectly sounds so relaxing. And I think we can all relate to that last one!

Flora said...

the smell of an old book. if you run your fingers between the pages and feel the crusty edges and moistened creases.

when the first drop of rain from an incoming thunderstorm falls on your head and slides down your face.

the perfect hat.



The beach on a quiet day. I live in a loud city, so finding a quiet spot to listen to the ocean is just magic.
And the actual feeling of your heart skipping a beat. Even just the thought of that someone that just 'takes your breath away'. I know it sounds so, so very cliche... but I know that feeling of breathlessness all too well.
And hearing a cheesy song on the radio, and having even just one line of lyrics stick with you... ie... i just heard that Lily Allen song and the line "who'd have known, when you flash up on my phone I no longer feel alone". Cute.. dorky. hahaha

Tee said...

Emotion itself is almost a cliche when you think of it like that, but it inspires and is inspired by so much beauty that I don't know if I mind :) thanks for sharing!