Living fancifully, faithfully, and seeped in reality

My suitemate basically bought out F21! Feathers and bows galore. All of us have been wearing them, but none as crazily as me...

Thursday thoughts.

Not sure if I'm going to make this a weekly habit, yet. But just some stuff I've been mulling over, and fodder for thought and discussion. Some of these might get expanded into their own posts later on.

-When you think about it, our lives are a series of memorable events, connected by countless transitions. So which part should we focus on? The action or the thought? The process or the result? In other words, do we focus on the journey, or the stopping points? The dreams themselves or the work we do to get there? You see how complicated this gets.

-Why, exactly, is fashion so obsessed with animal imagery right now? I know I'm totally guilty of it (see above, & cat shoes in previous post photo).

-In this age of self-improvement, we have become interested in the calmness of zen and yoga, in structure and organization. Yet in the process of finding balance, I begin to fear eliminating the extremes altogether. Things like passion, madness, and frenetic energy... even dips into depression. As unsettling and detrimental as they can be, how can one thrive artistically without them? How can one experience life to the fullest?

-Speaking of balance, can we find a specific co-existence between determinism and free will?Most people these days seem to believe in aspects of both. And what about predeterminism? (More on this later).

-The possibility of romance in a predominantly female school environment. Har, har. Hopefully many of you don't share this predicament.


Here are more aesthetics to throw into the mix. Just so you don't think all I've done this week is think....ha!

My favorite headband of the bunch.

Best appetizer ever. Silken tofu inside a crispy exterior.

Our friend's beautiful bedspread & pillow.

What do you think? What has been tying your brain into knots this week? (Now there's some lovely imagery).



Wear Necessities said...

i love the headpiece you are wearing, and the others in the first pic are cute! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

Flora said...

YAAAAAY! i LOVE your posts! im a devoted follower as of this very second! woot woot!

love the pillow!

Rose said...

me like the headband :)

Tee said...

Thanks for stopping by, guys!

donna said...

One can have passion and calmness -- they are not mutually exclusive. ;^)

Tee said...

donna- very true, though that balance is easier to coin than adopt, sometimes!

Ryan said...

J'adore! :)